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Is The Bible In Our Hands The Same As During The Time Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Christians like James white boast that the bible we have now is exactly the same as during the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)... This is not true without a doubt, let's not even talk about the Protestant and Catholic bible, a big reformation took place where 7 books have been dropped as apocrypha by the Protestants which was in circulation for nearly 1100 years.. This however is known and agreed upon unanimously that the bible has many many different books and none can be trusted as authentic unless they have a strong chain or Narration which I'm afraid to say they don't have

Let's take this to another level what Did the bible look like during the time of Islam this is a difficult question to answer mainly because the information about Christianity and the books it used as scriptures in Arabia during the advent of Islam are quite sketchy. We have the non-Islamic and Islamic sources that provide some information about the Bible, but nothing conclusive. But they both are sufficient to show that the Christian "scriptures" are not demonstrably the same today as in Muhammad's(Pbuh ) time.
This information is taken from Islamic awareness

Ibn Hisham's Al-Sirah Al-Nabawiyyah. He mentions some of the beliefs of the Christians who talked to the Prophet(P):

[Those who talked to Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, were Abu Haritha Ibn `Alqama, Al-`Aqib `Abdul-Masih and Al-Ayham al-Sa`id.] They were Christians according to the faith of the king with differences between them; they say: He is Allah, and say: He is Son of Allah, and say: He is the third of three [i.e., part of Trinity] and these are the claims of Christianity. [They use as evidence for their claim that He is Allah the argument that] he used to raise the dead, cure the sick, create from clay bird-like structure then breathe into it to make it a [living] bird. All this was by the leave of Allah, the Praiseworthy the Exalted {to appoint him as a sign for men} (Maryam:21). 
They also argue for saying that he is Son of Allah by saying he had no known father and spoke in infancy which is something never done by any human being. They use as evidence for their claim that He is the third of three [i.e., part of Trinity] the argument that Allah says: We did, We commanded, We created and We judged [i.e., by using the plural for Himself], and whereas if He was one, He would say: I did, I judged, I commanded and I created; but it is He, Jesus and Maryam. The Qur'an was revealed addressing all these arguments.
There are two things about Christianity during the time of the Prophet(P) that stand out. Firstly, the belief that Jesus(Pbuh) spoke in infancy and that he used to create from clay bird-like structures and breathe into them to make them living birds. Secondly, the trinitarian doctrine that God is composed of the Father, Jesus and Mary. Since the doctrinal issue does not concern our discussion, we will focus on the first point that deals with the nature of the scripture itself.
The miracles of Jesus(Pbuh) speaking in infancy and giving life to birds made out of clay are usually dismissed by the missionaries as "apocryphal" but these were perfectly acceptable to Christians in Arabia during the advent of Islam. The Online Catholic Encyclopedia attests the popularity of infancy narratives among the Syrian Nestorians. It is interesting to note that the Arabic version of infancy narratives were translated from a Syriac original.
This indirectly confirms Ibn Hisham's narrative in Al-Sirah Al-Nabawiyyah with regard to the belief of Christians during the advent of Islam that Jesus(Pbuh) spoke in his infancy and breathed into clay bird-like structures and turned them into living birds. However, this only provides us a snap-shot of the kind of "scripture" the Christians were using during the advent of Islam and can in no way provide a complete picture of what their entire "scripture" looked like.
Moreover, the disagreement of Jews and Christians among themselves about their own scriptures was well-known during the advent of Islam and that also gave an impetus for `Uthman to collect the Qur'an.
Hudhaifa bin al-Yaman came to `Uthman at the time when the people of Sham and the people of Iraq were Waging war to conquer Armenia and Azerbaijan. Hudhaifa was afraid of their (the people of Sham and Iraq) differences in the recitation of the Qur'an, so he said to `Uthman, "O Chief of the Believers! Save this nation before they differ about the Book (Qur'an) as Jews and the Christians did before."
The disagreement among the Christians concerning their scriptures can be shown by studying the various canons of their Bible throughout the centuries before and after the advent of Islam. The disagreement among them concerning their scriptures persist even today. With all the facts in front of us, we can conclusively say that the Christian scriptures are demonstrably not the same today as in Muhammad's(Pbuh) time.

The above is enough evidence to shatter any Christians apologist who claim the bible they have has always been the same!!

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