Monday, 1 May 2017

Question for my Christian friends

What if a 1st century manuscript was discovered in Palestine, which mentioned the name Muhammed (Pbuh) as a foretold Messenger, what would your reaction be.? One cannot dismiss this , since manuscripts of the gospels are still being discovered. So theoretically dismissing, the finding of a 1st century manuscript is absurd. note this is after the manuscript was authenticated through palaeography, as an official 1st century manuscript (document).

Would you :

(a) reject the 1st century manuscript as a forge, and stick to the 3rd and 4th century manuscripts instead.?

(b) question the authenticity of gospels you have within your hands, seeking for answers.?

(c ) denounce your belief in Christianity for deceiving you to believe it was the truth, and reject the entire bible.?

(d) accept Islam as the Truth.?

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