Sunday, 26 February 2017

Man takes precedence over his Wife!

To the woman He said, "I shall surely increase your sorrow and your pregnancy; in pain you shall bear children. And to your husband will be your desire, and he will rule over you." (Genesis 3:16)


Notice from the above text how Yahweh punished Eve for eating the fruit. Comparing her punishment with Adam, it seems like Yahweh was lenient towards Man and extremely harsh towards Women. Now taking a closer look at the texts reveals a lot take for instance women will bear labour pain!. How could a loving caring God make every single women on earth suffer with such a traumatic pain for the error of one person?. 

Here's the interesting part a women's husband will be her desire and he will rule over her?. Jewish commentator rashis gives us a good explanation of what that means:

Rashis commentary :

And to your husband will be your desire: for intimacy, but, nevertheless, you will not have the audacity to demand it of him with your mouth, but he will rule over you. Everything is from him and not from you. — [from Eruv. ad loc.]

Classical commentator rashis explains this verse as women's have no right  over their  husband they can't even demand intimacy even if they had the urge to. The key point to note is MAN WILL RULE OVER HIS WIFE!. This is such a strong  statement  giving Man all power to dominate over his wife. What does it mean by Rule over you?.

If you search the word Rule in any english dictionary you'll find its  typically means as:("exercise ultimate power or authority over an area and its people. control of or dominion over an area or people.) in other words the husband is the sole ruler, King, authority, judge dominator over his wife. Which means the husband does what he likes when he likes, taking precedence and his wife cannot do anything about it other than accepting his decision. 

Here's the problem Christians face if the husband is the master over his wife which makes her no less then a servant the  what prevents him from beating her!. There is absolute no prohibition in the bible regarding wife beating.? Think about it if the husband I'd the women's desire and he shall rule over her, it's natural he can beat her if she displeases him. If the bible allows the master to beat his servant wether man or women (Exodus 21:20) what could possible prevent the husband from beating his wife since he is her Master and rules over her!.

Let's break this down :

Women desire will be her husband.

Her husband will rule over her.

Women has no say no can she demand anything from her husband.

Her husband had all power and authority to do what he likes.

Her husband can beat her as he is her sole ruler 

The bible does not prohibit wife beating.

Let the bible speak!.

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