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A short review of Mr. Chris claus & Br. Aqil's debate

The countless amount of red herrings committed by Mr. Chris Claus during his debate with  Br. Aqil really took the biscuit. The entire debate can be found on this page courtesy of MAP (Muslim Apologetics Podcast). During the debate Br. Aqil Produced many evidences and proofs  from the bible where Prophet Muhammed Pbuh is Prophecised.  This obviously was too much for Mr. Chris Claus to handle, Rather then making a consistent response for the evidences produced Mr. Chris went off topic & misquoted his own bible. I urge everyone to watch this debate carefully and see it for yourself on who was on and off topic.

Now I would like to also respond to a few points which Mr. Chris made during his debate. I will show you how Mr. Chris was very inconsistent and unaware how his own comments backfired on him. Here are some of the claims made by Mr. Chris :

Mr. Chris said one of the standards of prophethood according to the Torah is God would speak to his prophet face to face like he spoke to Moses. He quoted Deuteronomy 34 and Numbers 12. Basing his argument on those passages  Mr. Chris thought he could make a solid point. Unfortunately Mr. Chris's bold attempt only backfires on him. If one the standards of being a True Prophet is God speaking to them face to face then his saviôur Jesus has failed that standard without a doubt. There is not a single verse in the entire New Testament which reads Yahweh and Jesus had a direct one to one conversation like Moses did not a single verse Everytime Jesus spoke to Yahweh he got no reply!. How ironic Mr. Chris was basing his argument on such a high standard which his own saviôur failed upon.

Chris  goes on by citing verses from the Quran and adds his own commentary he first cited Quran Chapter 96

 Proclaim! (or read!) in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created- (Surah 96:1) 

And then Quran Chapter 28

46. Nor wast thou at the side of (the Mountain of) Tur when we called (to Moses). Yet (art thou sent) as Mercy from thy Lord, to give warning to a people to whom no warner had come before thee: in order that they may receive admonition.47. If (We had) not (sent thee to the Quraish),- in case a calamity should seize them for (the deeds) that their hands have sent forth, they might say: "Our Lord! why didst Thou not sent us an apostle? We should then have followed Thy Signs and been amongst those who believe!"48. But (now), when the Truth has come to them from Ourselves, they say, "Why are not (Signs) sent to him, like those which were sent to Moses?" Do they not then reject (the Signs) which were formerly sent to Moses? They say: "Two kinds of sorcery, each assisting the other!" And they say: "For us, we reject all (such things)!"49. Say: "Then bring ye a Book from Allah, which is a better guide than either of them, that I may follow it! (do), if ye are (Surah 28:46-49)

Had Chris read the entire context then he wouldn't of cherry picked a single verse giving his own commentary which earlier he himself was speaking against cherry picking?. Notice from the context how the story of Moses Pbuh is mentioned which the disbelievers used as an objection here's an actual commentary of  verse 48 which Chris was speaking about.   

That is, “Why has not Muhammad (peace be upon him) been given all those miracles which had been given to the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him)? He also should have shown us the miracle of the staff; his hand also should have shone like the sun; his deniers also should have been struck with storms and plagues from the earth and heaven; and he also should have brought them commandments written on stone tablets.” 
 This is a reply to their objection, which implies: “The disbelievers of Makkah had not believed in Moses (peace be upon him) either, nor followed his teachings. Therefore they had no right to say: Why has the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) not been given the same miracles that were given to the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him)?” In (Surah Saba: Ayat 31), this saying of the disbelievers of Makkah has been related: “We shall never believe in this Quran, nor in any other Book which came before it.” ( Islamic studies Tafheem commentary Surah 28:48)

It's pretty obvious that Mr. Chris hasn't read the Quran with full attention nor was he aware of this verse which clearly and explicitly destroys his entire baseless argument. Just to add Jesus was asked by the Jews to show signs to prove he was a true prophet which he eventually said no sign shall be given? 

It is not given to any human being that Allah should speak to him except through revelation, or from behind a veil, or that a messenger (an angel) be sent to him who reveals to him by Allah's leave whatever He wishes. He is All-High, Most Wise. (Surah 42:51)

Notice how the above verse from the Quran tells us the different methods of revelations and one of them is sending a Messenger (an Angel) to bring revelations. And this is spoken by Allah Swt for us Muslims the words of Allah is sufficient. What the Torah says does not change what we believe in and for the record there is not mention in the Torah where an Angel cannot bring revelation to a Prophet of God, Again Mr Chris shows no consistency.

Let's move on Mr. Chris now brings up the idea that Jews and  Christians are the sons of God and and Prophet Muhammed Pbuh was against this idea of the Jews and Christians  which obviously goes against the teaching of the Torah Deuteronomy 14:1 - 32:6-20. He also quoted from the Quran Surah 19 and Surah 5 which refutes this ill ideology that God has children's (sons) the two Surah that Mr. Chris used in support for his  argument actually goes against it and completely destroys them 

(Both) the Jews and the Christians say: "We are sons of Allah, and his beloved." Say: "Why then doth He punish you for your sins? Nay, ye are but men,- of the men he hath created: He forgiveth whom He pleaseth, and He punisheth whom He pleaseth: and to Allah belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all that is between: and unto Him is the final goal (of all)"  (Surah 5:18)

Notice how Allah Swt is saying if the Jews and Christians really were the sons of God why do they get punished for their sins? Would a father punish his children's for sins? The verse goes on to say they are men's I.e mortal people who can not be part of God in any way. And to Allah Swt belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all that is between. It's more acceptable to say we humans are the servants of Allah Swt as he Allah Swt created us. And this is found in Surah 19.

90. At it the skies are ready to burst, the earth to split asunder, and the mountains to fall down in utter ruin,91. That they should invoke a son for ((Allah)) Most Gracious. 92. For it is not consonant with the majesty of ((Allah)) Most Gracious that He should beget a son. 93. Not one of the beings in the heavens and the earth but must come to ((Allah)) Most Gracious as a servant. (Surah 19:90-93)

Note A Master would be able to Save and punish  his servant as he pleases he has no restrictions and a master is not ordered nor emotionally give be in. The next point I want to address is when Chris was trying to interpret Deuteronomy 33 

And he said, The LORD came from Sinai, and rose up from Seir unto them; he shined forth from mount Paran, and he came with ten thousands of saints: from his right hand went a fiery law for them. (Deuteronomy 33:2)

It's fascinating how Mr. Chris lacks on simple biblical exegesis. He completely misquoted the verse of Deuteronomy adding a big here and a big there which his own bible forbids!. He said the Lord came from  Sinai is speaking of God I.e Yahweh is the figure being spoken of ? What does The LORD came from Sinai, and rose up from Seir unto them really mean? Let's find out from biblical commentaries :

2-4. The Lord came—Under a beautiful metaphor, borrowed from the dawn and progressive splendor of the sun, the Majesty of God is sublimely described as a divine light which appeared in Sinai and scattered its beams on all the adjoining region in directing Israel's march to Canaan. 

The appearance of God on Sinai is described as a sunrise. His light rose from Sinai, and the tops of the hills of Seir caught its rays. The full blaze of light shone on Paran. (Comp. Psalm 1:2 : “Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God  hath shined.”)

2The LordJehovah; as frequently, the Divine Name opens the poem; see on Deuteronomy 1:6.

Sinai] See Deuteronomy 1:2Deuteronomy 1:6, on Ḥoreb, and on the view that the mountain lay in Se‘îr cp. Jdg 5:4.

rose] Like the sun: rays, or beams, forth.

Benson commentary 

 Rose up from Seir — Namely, when, upon the removal of the cloud of glory, they marched from the neighbourhood of Idumea, in which is mount Seir. The original word signifies that his presence rose upon them like the sun from the mount, (Malachi 4:2,) 

Verse 2. - And he said. Here begin the words of Moses. He commences by depicting the majesty of Jehovah as he appeared to Israel when he came to make the covenant with them and give them his Law. The Lord came from Sinai, and rose up from Seir unto them, etc. Seir is the mountain land of Edom to the cast of Sinai. Mount Paran is probably the range of lofty hills which form the southern boundary of the Promised Land to the north of the desert of Et-Tih. These places are not mentioned as scenes of different manifestations of the Divine glory, but as indicating the extent to which the one manifestation given at Sinai reached. The light of the Divine glory that rested on Sinai was reflected also from the mountains of Seir and Paran

The above commenters have debunked Chris's claims that Yahweh the figure spoken of was actually there? No it's referring to a divine glory like the sun being present there. He also goes on to say the Hebrew word used in the verse for 10,000 doesn't actually mean that it only means multitude? But does it really let's find out. The Hebrew word used is (רְבָבָה) rebabah which does mean 10,000 there are many many verses which uses the same Hebrew word saying 10,000. Take for example the verse below and other references alongside.

Five of you will pursue a hundred, and a hundred of you will pursue ten thousand (רְבָבָה rebabah), and your enemies will fall by the sword before you. (Leviticus 26:8)

Genesis 24:60, Deuteronomy 32:30, Deuteronomy 33:17, 1. Samuel 18:7-8, 1 Samuel 29:5, psalm 3:6, psalm 91:7, Micah 6:7, Songs of Solomon 5:10 etc etc...  Another false claim made by Chris debunked.. 

Another random subject Mr. Chris jumped on to was Isaiah 9:6 where he used it as a prophecy referring it to Jesus as he was specifically focusing on the Hebrew word el gabbor mighty god? Let's examine his claim and falsify it using his own bible. 

Firstly accords to Jewish scholars Isaiah 9:6 is not referring to Jesus at all rather it's referring to King Hezekiah as Hezekiah means mighty god, which is only a name given to him not that he really is god. The bible is full of people and objects who bear the name of God below is a few example.

country of Ephraim, whose name was Elkanah son of Jeroham, the son of Elihu, the son of Tohu, the son of Zuph, an Ephraimite. (1 Samuels 1:1)
Hebrew ( אֱלִיה֛וּא) ’ĕ-lî-hū  means my god is he!, Does that make Elihu a god?

Year after year this man went up from his town to worship and sacrifice to the LORD Almighty at Shiloh, where Hophni and Phinehas, the two sons of Eli, were priests of the LORD. (1 Samuel 1:3)
Hebrew ( עֵלִ֗י) Eli means my god Does that make Eli a god?

He went to his father's home in Ophrah and on one stone murdered his seventy brothers, the sons of Jerub-Baal. But Jotham, the youngest son of Jerub-Baal, escaped by hiding. (Judges 9:5)
Hebrew (יוֹתָ֧ם) yō-w-ṯām jotham means the perfect god Is jotham a perfect god??

There he set up an altar and called it El Elohe Israel. (Genesis 33:20)
Hebrew (אֱלֹהֵ֥י אֵ֖ל) the god, is the altar god?

Moses built an altar and called it The LORD is my Banner. (Exodus 17:15)
Hebrew ( נִסִּֽי׃ יְהוָ֥ה) yahwh is the banner Is god the banner of the alter?

The above textual proofs from the very bible Chris use's is sufficient to prove Isaiah 9:6 
 mighty god carries no strength in proving Jesus was god or Prophesied. Chris further went on to say that the book of Isaiah was not good enough to use as prophetic evidence by brother 
 as Isaiah does not qualify as one of the book for the Torah I.e the law and that's according to Chris's standard. Chris was saying show me one credible scholars evidence who takes Isaiah as one of the books of the law?. This probably was one of the biggest bad move Chris made as his very own 
 whom he was preaching about exposed him. Brother 
 not only refuted him on this but literally made him feel embarrassed by showing how Jesus himself referred to psalm as the law John 10:34- John 15:25 etc...

How about when Jesus went to the synagogue and read out from the scroll of Isaiah and the indeed this prophecy has been fulfilled?. He was using Isaiah's scriptures to prove his prophet hood why didn't he use the Torah why use Isaiah?. Did he not say in Luke 24 that everything about him was mentioned by Moses?. And this leads to another point raised by Chris He quotes 1 John 2

Who is the liar? It is whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a person is the antichrist--denying the Father and the Son. (1 John 2:22)

According to Mr. Christ whoever rejects Jesus then he is the Antichrist. And he implied this towards the Prophet of Islam Pb uh. Here's the dilemma Chris falls into if he thinks anyone who denies Jesus then is he the anti Christ. Jesus was never mentioned by Moses by name. nor did Moses accept Jesus as Christ, using your criteria of 1 john 2:22 doesn't this show that Moses of the bible was the anti Christ. Now If you disagree please show us where Jesus was called the messiah by name in the Torah. Luke 24:44 Jesus even said Moses spoke everything about him, so where do we find the explicit mention of Jesus by name in the Torah by Moses.

He also shared the most used statement by every Christians preacher on the planet. I am the way life and truth. Chris thinks that Jesus of the bible was the only man on earth who is the way to salvation, wrong Chris as Muslims we believe each and every Prophets Pbut are the way and truth, here is what the Quran says about Prophet Muhammed Pbuh. 

The Way Truth and Life yes Prophet Muhammed Pbuh is Mentioned with such Qualities :

He is on the straight path the Right Way

And indeed, (O Muhammad), you guide to a straight path. (Ash-Shura 42:52)

Say: "O men! I am sent unto you all, as the Messenger of Allah, to Whom belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth: there is no god but He: it is He That giveth both life and death. So believe in Allah and His Messenger, the Unlettered Prophet, who believeth in Allah and His words: follow him that (so) ye may be guided." ( surah 7:58)

Then We put thee on the (right) Way of Religion: so follow thou that (Way), and follow not the desires of those who know not. (Surah 45:18)

( also quote Surah 36:3-4)


He is Sadiq (Truthful) 

And when the believers saw the clans, they said: This is what Allah and His (Prophetic) Messenger promised us, and Allah and His (Prophetic) Messenger are true, and it only added to their faith and submission (to Allah). (33:22)

He brought the truth

And say: The truth has come and the falsehood has vanished away. Undoubtedly, the falsehood is ever bound to vanish. (17:81)

And he who has come with the truth and he who accepts it as the truth, such are those that guard (against evil). (39:33)


He calls you to that which gives you life

O you who believe! Answer (the call of) Allah and the (Prophetic) Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life, and know that Allah comes between the man and his own heart, and that to Him you shall be gathered. (8:24)

Note I also have a paper to refute Jesus of the bible is the only way and Truth here's the http://mustafa-apologist.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/jesus-answered-i-am-way-and-truth-and.html

Those were a few points I wanted to address showing how inconsistent Mr. Chris was once again I urge everyone to watch the debate and then decided for yourself..

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