Sunday, 12 February 2017

Jonathan struggles to answer a simple Question!

It's not shocking to see Jonathan in a predicament where he is unable to answer questions posed on him. Take off instance in this video clip which was taken from the debate between Jonathan mclatchie and Dr Shabir Ally in London. During Question time I asked Jonathan a simple Question wether Jesus was God?. If Jesus was God how does God get tempted and bewitched by Satan!. Simple Question right? Not for Jonathan I thought the guy would explode from his facial expression and vocal stuttering. Jonathan was struggling to answer a Simple Question he's desperate attempt made him lose the plot!.

He said God can make Satan do things by his own permission and he used job as an example?. His answer had absolutely no relationship with the question since Satan willing went to Jesus and wiling left him. Notice how Jonathan said God must of given permission to Satan to do certain things? Really Jonathan.!

He further said everything already belonged to Jesus as mentioned in Mark and Matthew but Satan was refereeing to the spiritual kingdom? Jonathan really lost the plot. If that's the case Jonathan Why did Satan offer him the spiritual kingdom when Satan knew  His father was the owner? Jonathan knew he wasn't making any sense so he dropped the mic and sat down.

If Jonathan is troubled by one single Question I asked, I wonder how he's going to cope with Tougher question I have for him.

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