Monday, 30 January 2017

Who saw the body get laid in the tomb?

Who followed Joseph of arimathea when he took the body of Jesus to the tomb (Mark 15 46)?. What makes you think the body could not have been switched with a stuffed linen clothing? Who even went inside the tomb and double checked the actual body none of the soldiers went inside and took a good look at the face and confirmed it was the actual person.

There is not evidence from the New Testament that the soldiers or scribes or Pharisees followed Joseph of arimathea all the way to the tomb?. There is no solid evidence the man on the cross known as Jesus actually gave up his ghost rather could have been put to sleep after drinking mixed fluid, or even unconscious (Mark 15:36).

Why did Nicodemus & Joseph of arimathea bring a large a amount of Aloes with them as Aloes is used to resuscitate and invigorate a person (John 19:39)

It's undeniable that the body of Jesus could have easily been switched by Joseph of arimathea on his way to this tomb since none of the enemies of Jesus followed him. This further explains why Jesus never showed himself to the Jews he challenged with the sign, he hid himself from them. Remember Jesus supposed to have said to the Jewish rabbis, scribe and Pharisee that no sign shall be given other then the sign of Jonah three days and three night? (Matthew 12:39-40). So why did he not show himself to the Jews, scribes and Pharisees and prove to them he resurrected.

Note in Matthew 26:65-66 the only version which says that the Jewish rabbis  were worried The body would be taken by his disciples, so they request Pilate to secure the tomb and so the Pilate sent guards to the tomb, but nowhere does Matthew say the guards actually went  inside the tomb and took a good look at the face and then sealed the tomb.

A new dilemma for Christians can you prove to us the body of Jesus was not switched by Joseph of arimathea on his way to the tomb! If there was no witness who saw the body of Jesus get laid in the tomb then the entire empty tomb can be easily explained..

There was no body in the tomb in the first place!!

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