Saturday, 17 December 2016

Lord of sabbath

Christians love using this passage that jesus was Some what superior because he healed on sabbath and that wasn't allowed according to the OT, which makes him Lord?

Below we find what rabbis tell us found in the talmud that it's ok to heal on sabbath? Again only if the christians took more notice of the oral law (explanation) of the OT they wouldn't brag on such a pathetic statement LORD OF SABBATH Which once again gets exposed!



The Sages frequently use the verse from Hosea 6:6, that helping people was of greater importance than observing the rituals and customs (Sukkah 49b, Deuteronomy Rabbah on 16:18, etc.), just as jesus did. In fact, they used the same examples As jesus  presented, David’s eating the Tabernacle bread and the Temple offerings made on the Sabbath, to demonstrate the same general principle, that the needs of life override the Sabbath restrictions (Y’lomm’denu, Yalkut II, par. 130, Tosefta Shabbat 15b).

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