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Historical Error found in the supposed Word of God The Bible

Historical Error found in the supposed Word of God The Bible 

We read in the book of Esther of this great man, the second man in the kingdom next unto king Ahasuerus

Xerxes, preeminent among the Jews, and held in high esteem by his many fellow Jews, because he worked for the good of his people and spoke up for the welfar (Esther 10:3)


However how Good the words many seem we find a serious Historal Error, regarding this mans timeline ?

According to (Esther 10:3) Mordecai became prime minister between the year 485-465 BC, however we find in (Esther 2:5-6) Mordecai came to babylon in the year 596 BC with Jehoiachin Nearly 125 years earlier?


Commentaries :

We have seen that the events recorded in this book carry us to the year 470 B.C., at which time Mordecai was at the zenith of his greatness.

There were at least three captivities of Judah the first when Daniel was carried away, in the third year of Jehoiakim (Daniel 1:1), which was B.C. 605; the second that here referred to, when Jehoiachin, or Jeconiah, was made prisoner, eight years later, or B.C. 597; and the third when Zedekiah was taken and Jerusalem burnt, in B.C. 586. Kish belonged to the second captivity.

In short :

Mordecai became prime minister to Xerxes (Ahasuerus), who reigned 485-465 BC.  But Mordecai had come to Babylon in 596 BC with Jehoiachin  (Esther 2:5-6).

Such a blunder cannot be rectified unless one is stupid and accepts it 

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